Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lipstick Addict Tag

It's no news that my softest spot in makeup are lipsticks and lipgloss.
I always always wear something on my lips and sometimes get even some weird looks when I randomly grab a lipstick out and put some on without a mirror :D
So, when I saw a bunch of people on youtube making Lipstick Addict Tag videos I wanted to list my favourites, too!

I've already shown you my collection. Today I have 60 items and got rid of 4 while preparing this post :)

TAG questions:

1. Favourite balm/treatment? It has always been Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. I cannot live without it! It heals my lips within hours from every kind of trouble - cold, sun, cracks...whatever! It's magic and I will always have it with me :)
2. Best eye-catching red? I don't wear red lipstick because I just haven't found the shade that would suit my colouring (I'm more olive skinned). Hence I only have a few reddish lipsticks and my favourite is this oldie but goldie Estee Lauder Signature in shade 06 Lush Rose. It's cool-toned fuchsia red and suits me quite okay. Plus it looks almost red on my lips :D

3. Best luxury and best drugstore? I would say my most favourite luxury brand is Yves Saint Laurent. I love every formula, aswell as every shade of lipstick and lipgloss I have. I swatched (from top to bottom) Rouge Pur in 146 and 138 and Rouge Volupte in shade 26. 
I've also found that I love most of the L'Oreal lip products, too. Especially the new Color Riche L'Extraordinaire lip laquer in 201 Rose Symphony and their Caresse lipsticks which I have in shade 102 Mauve Cherie.

4. Best MAC lipstick? Since I haven't tried nor own any MAC lipsticks I'll show you my most favourite lipstick of all time. It suits me that well that absolutely every time I wear it, I get compliments. It's Maybelline ColorSensational in shade 910 Shocking Coral. Unfortunately it was limited edition and now I can wear it only on special occasions because I have only a tiny bit left :(
5. The most disappointing? I must say it's Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter. I had such high hopes for it and was extra excited when I finally got it because we don't have Revlon in Estonia, only to find it being quite an average product...

6. Lip liner - yes or no? Usually no. Only if I'm wearing red or darker colours or when I need my lipstick stay put for like 6 hours. But on a daily basis - never :D
7. Best gloss? I have three because I just couldn't choose. First - Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. They have amazing colour range, they smell and taste yummy and they truly deserve the name Perfector because they make your lips look fabulous. I swatched shade 05. 
Next one (swatch in the middle) is MaxFactor lipgloss in shade 35 Lovely Candy. It's beautiful and glossy on it's own and you can wear it under or on top of every colour because it suits everything :) And on the bottom is Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in shade 042 Bellini and I just love, love, love the formula. Perfect lipgloss :)
8. Something extra! This is just a tip for you - get a look at some really cheap brands once in a while, too. Those that you've maybe never even heard about. You might find some awesome products there just like I've discovered lovely and very affordable products from brands like Bellaoggi and BYS recently. 
And of course Sleek! I love Sleek! I believe I could solely survive only on Sleek makeup if I had to choose just one brand :)

Hope you liked the tag and if you decide to do one yourself, please leave a link in the comments. I'd love to see your favourites and discover new lip products :)

Eestikeelse teksti lisan veidi hiljem :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

iHerb haul #2

So, I was very impressed by my first iHerb purchase and pretty soon I decided to try some more products. I have wanted to try different shades of eyeliner besides black for a long time (wish list) and I was happy to discover that e.l.f. has plenty to choose from. Also I've been very interested in healthier food and superfoods, so here's what I got:

California Gold Nutrition Daily Vits & Mins (30 tablets) - iHerb has always a lot of special offers going on so these vitamins cost me only a dollar (LINK).
Earth Circle Organics Raw Organic Maca Powder (8oz, 227g) - this superfood had also 20% off, so I got this huge pack for 6,50 $. You can never get it so cheap here! Unfortunately the packaging got broken, so my box was dusted with maca but that's ok, I just put it in a jar. I've tried it for few times and must say it really does give a lot of energy (LINK).
e.l.f. Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner in shades Midnight (swatch in the middle) and Coffee (swatch on top) - I am in love! These two liners have quite a long but very thin tip, so I can get really close to my lash line and in between my lashes which gives me the effect of thicker lashes. I've been using these two almost every day! Also, both of them look very dark on the eyes, almost black but not as harsh. Coffee looks quite light and yucky on the swatch but I assure you, it's awesome! And they cost only 1,99 $!!!! You can order them here and here. Plus they have a lot of other shades to choose from, too :)
e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Cream Eyeliner in Gunmetal (swatch on the bottom) (LINK) - this is a cream eyeliner and I'm really disappointed. I wanted to get a nice dark grey shade to accentuate my grey eyes but this looks just sparkling silver and the colour payoff is really poor! Luckily it costs only 3 $. But I've seen some of Youtube tutorials with the Studio Cream Eyeliner in shade Metallic Olive and this one looks actually very pretty and nice (LINK).

As the last time, I used International Airmail shipping that costs 4 $ and my package got to me within 10 days. I must say, I really enjoy iHerb and will definitely order again.
Also, if you haven't ordered from iHerb before then using the code LWH786 you can get up to 10 $ off your first purchase!

Nagu ma oma  esimese iHerb ostu postituses lubasin, tellisin üsna pea järgmise paki huvitavaid tooted. Ma olen juba hirmus pikka aega soovinud proovida ka muid laineritoone kui klassikalist musta (hetke soovid) ja avastasin rõõmuga, et e.l.f. pakub päris suurt valikut. Samuti olen tahtnud proovida erinevaid superfood'e, seega siin on nimekiri minu teisest iHerbi ostust:

California Gold Nutrition Daily Vits & Mins (30 tabletti) - iHerb'is on pidevalt hulgaliselt eripakkumisi nii, et see purk vitamiine maksis vaid 1 $ (LINK).
Earth Circle Organics Raw Organic Maca Powder (227g) - hetkel kui tellisin kehtis sellele  20% soodustus, seega sain paki kätte 6,50 $ eest. Kahjuks oli pakk postis veidi kannatada saanud ja postipaki sisu oli maca pulbriga koos. Paaril korral olen seda juba proovinud ning mõnus energialaks tekkis küll (LINK).
e.l.f. Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner toonides Midnight (swatch keskel) ja Coffee (ülemine swatch) - absoluutselt suurepärased lainerid! Neil on üsna pikk ja väga peen ots, mis tähendab, et ma saan lainerijoone tõmmata maksimaalselt ripsmejuure lähedale ning isegi ripsmete vahele, mis annab väga tihedate ripsmete efekti. Mõlemad toonid näevad silmadel välja peaaegu mustad aga pehmemad. Neid kahte olen ma vaheldumisi kasutanud alates paki kättesaamisest igapäevaselt ja olen väga rahul. Lisaks maksavad need vaid 1,99 $!!!! Tellida saab neid siit ja siit. Toonivalik on samuti muljetavaldav.
e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Cream Eyeliner toonis Gunmetal (alumine swatch) (LINK) - no see kreemlainer on küll pettumus. Tahtsin saada tumehalli tooni, mis rõhutaks mu halle silmi aga sain hoopis mingi heleda hõbedase tooni, mis hoolimata pingutustest ei anna praktiliselt mingit värvi välja. Õnneks maksis ainult 3 $. Olen paaris Youtube õpetuses näinud, et sama sarja kreemlainer toonis  Metallic Olive on aga väga kena ja hästi pigmenteeritud (LINK).

Nagu esimeselgi korral kasutasin International Airmail postiteenust, mis maksab 4 $ ning pakk jõudis minuni umbes 10 päevaga. Tuleb tunnistada, et mulle tõesti väga meeldib iHerb ja ma kindlasti tellin sealt veel.
Ühtlasi, kui sa pole varem iHerb'ist tellinud, siis kasutades koodi LWH786 saad oma esimeselt ostult kokku hoida kuni 10 $.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My nail polish collection: Essie / Minu Essie küünelakid

Finally I'll show you my nail polish collection or at least the most part of it :)
I have 54 polishes which is quite a modest amount for a beauty blogger and 67% of them are Essie polishes. That makes 36 of them!

So, here they are! Is there your favourite shade? Which one do you like best?

Blues and greens
From left to right: Mojito Madness, First Timer, In The Cab-Ana, Bikini So Teeny, Mesmerize, Aruba Blue

Special occasion (wedding, prom, formal etc)
From left to right: Like to Be Bad, Miss Matched, Instant Hot, Blanc, Lilacism, Who Is The Boss

From left to right: Capri, Fear Or Desire, A Crewed Interest, Sugar Daddy, Haute As Hello, Knockout Pout

From left to right: Raspberry, Again?!, Off The Shoulder, I Am Strong, Under Where?

From left to right: Clambake, Russian Roulette, Rose Bowl, Come Here!, California Coral, Cute As A Button

From left to right: Merino Cool, Over The Top, Licorice, Lady Godiva, Lacy Not Racy, Bordeaux

Siin on suurem osa minu küünelakikollektsioonist!
Mul on kokku 54 lakki, millest Essie lakid moodustavad 37% ehk neid on mul kokku 36 tükki! 

Jagasin pildid kategooriatesse järgmiselt: rohelised ja sinised, tähtsündmusteks sobivad (pulmadeks, lõpupidudeks, ametlikeks üritusteks), suvised toonid, roosad, punased ja korallid, tumedad ja julged :)

Iga tooni nimi on kirjas ülalpool pilti vasakult paremale. Lisasin juurde ka lingid postitustele, kus on tooni küüntel näha :)

Kuidas meeldib? Kas sinu lemmiktoon on ka esindatud?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Recent haul part 1 / Ilulaada ostud

There's a huge beauty and skincare sale in our local department store that'll last until tomorrow. 
So, of course, I went there yesterday to get some stuff I've been wanting to try. Luckily I didn't go crazy and got only 3 items.
First I got the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream for medium skin tone since I already have some tan on my face.
I'm already in love with the L'Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in 201 Rose Symphony (swatch on top). The colour is gorgeous, makes my lips look so juicy and shiny and wears off quite nicely. Plus it's not too sticky!
BYS Lip Colour Stick in shade Carrie's Cosmopolitan (swatch on the bottom) just caught my eye with it's vibrant colour.

I also wanted to try the L'oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream but left it on the shelf... Have you tried it and what are your thoughts on it?


Ilmselt kõik teavad, et Selverites on käimas Ilulaat, mis kestab veel homseni.
Eile läksin vaatama paari toodet, mida olen soovinud proovida ning tulin koju 3 uue vidinaga.

Soetasin L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream keskmisele nahatoonile, sest olen näole juba veidi päikest saanud. Hinnaks 5,99 €.
L'Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick huulelakk toonis 201 Rose Symphony (värvinäidis üleval) on juba lemmikuks saanud. Loob säravad, mahlased, imeilusat tooni huuled ning lakk pole üleliia kleepuv. Kulub maha ka täitsa viisakalt. Hind 7,49€.
BYS Lip Colour Stick toonis Carrie's Cosmopolitan (alumine swatch) oli puhas emotsiooniost. See kriiskav fuksiaroosa lihtsalt hakkas silma ja ära ma ta tõin. Hinnaks 3,79 €.

Minust jäi riiulisse L'Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream, sest jäin ikkagi kahtlema, kas mul seda nii väga vaja on. Kui oled seda toodet proovinud, anna palun oma arvamusest kommentaariumis märku!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Empties #10

Eestikeelne tekst allpool.

Hello June and good-bye empty bottles :)

Hair and body
Down Under Natural's NUDE volumizing shampoo and conditioner - claims to be vegan, SLS/sulfate, phosphate and dye free. These two were quite okay. I used them up but I'm not rushing out to buy new ones. I didn't notice a lot of volumizing effect but that's okay. They were good but nothing extraordinary :)
Oriflame Nature Secrets Exfoliating Shower Gel with mint & raspberry - I am in love with this line. It smells soooooooo good and invigorating. It's not a very effective exfoliator so you can't really use it instead of a body scrub. Also it didn't dry my skin out. Will repurchase :)
Arnaud Gel Wash Face and Eyes - this cleanser is not really empty but it just went bad. It's suitable for all skin types, removes almost all of the makeup, didn't irritate my eyes and didn't dry out my skin. It was a very thick gel and thus quite hard to squeeze out of the tube. But yet again it was  nothing special so I probably will not repurchase.
Oriflame Essentials Gentle 3in1 Cleanser - this product has been my favourite for years now. It removes makeup easily, doesn't irritate my eyes, keeps my skin moisturised after and all in all, I love it. Will definitely repurchase :)
Giorgio Armani Regenessence 3.R High Lift Eyes - this eye-cream is a miracle! My holy grail. It says to be a multi-firming rejuvenating eye balm and I really did notice my fine lines reducing. It's super moisturising so I suggest you use it at night because it takes some time to sink into the skin. Love it!!!!
Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-in-One B.B. Cream - I first use it two years ago and it has been my true friend for two summers in a row. I want to try some other BB and CC creams this summer and if I don't like them better, I will repurchase the Garnier one again. It's light, evens out my skin tone, moisturises and has SPF in it. Winner!
CoverGirl Lashblastvolume mascara in black brown - huge wand...HUGE! If you like natural looking lashes, go for this one. It will just coat your own lashes with colour and that's it. No volume, no length, no thickness. Will not repurchase because I like my lashes looking dramatic :D

A little statistics - my first empties post was on February 2nd 2013 and since that time I've used up almost 100 products that all have been featured in the empties posts. I just hope I haven't purchased more beauty products than I've used up :D

Juunikuu alguseks ülevaade vahepeal tühjaks saanud toodetest :)

Juuksed ja keha
Down Under Natural's NUDE kohevust andev šampoon ja palsam- väidetavalt vegan toode, mis ei sisalda SLS/sulfaate, fosfaate ja värvaineid. Ma küll ei märganud erilist kohevust andvat efekti kuid juuksed said neid kasutades puhtaks ja kergesti kammitavaks. Hind on ka väga soodne. Täiesti okei sari kuid ei torma poodi uusi ostma :)
Oriflame Nature Secrets kooriv dušigeel mündi ja vaarikaga - ma olen selle sarja lõhnast sõltuvuses! Kehakooorijaks see dušigeel ei sobi. Keha saab puhtaks ja geel ei kuivata nahka. Kindlasti ostan veel.
Arnaud Gel Wash Face and Eyes - meigieemaldusgeel, mis eemaldas suurema osa meigist, ei ärritanud silmi ega nahka. Siiski ei tekkinud seda kasutades mingit vau-efekti ning lõpuks läks see ka halvaks. Veel häiris ka see, et geel on üsna tihke koostisega ja sestap tuli päris palju jõudu rakendada, et see tuubist välja pigistada. Ilmselt uuesti ei osta.
Oriflame Essentials Gentle 3in1 Cleanser - seda puhastuspiima olen kasutanud juba aastaid ja kasutan kindlasti edaspidigi. Eriti sügis-talvisel perioodil. Puhastab näo kogu meigist, ei ärrita silmi ega näonahka ja niisutab piisavalt. Kindlasti ostan jälle  :)
Giorgio Armani Regenessence 3.R High Lift Eyes - see silmakreem on lihtsalt i-me-li-ne! Ma tõesti nägin, et see muutis mu väikesed silmaalused kortsud vähem märgatavaks ja oli ülimalt niisutav! Seetõttu soovitan seda kasutada just õhtuti! Suurepärane kingitus vanemale õele, emale ja vanaemale :) Kui võidan lotoga (ja isegi kui ei võida), soetan kindlasti veel! :)
Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-in-One B.B. kreem - esimest korda proovisin seda ajakirjaga kaasa tulnud testerist ja sellest hetkest alates on see bb kreem olnud mu truu kaaslane juba kaks suve. Hetkel on mul radaril paar toodet, mida proovida tahan ja kui ma neis pettun, siis soetan kindlasti uue tuubi Garnier bb kreemi, sest see lihtsalt on ideaalne suvetoode :) 
CoverGirl Lashblastvolume ripsmetušš toonis black brown - kohutavalt suur harjas! Kui sa soovid, et su ripsmed näeksid välja võimalikult loomulikud, siis võib seda tušši soovitada. Kui sa aga tahad pikkust, tihedust ja dramaatilisemat look'i, siis kohe kindlasti tuleks sellest tuššist ülisuure kaarega mööda kõndida :D

Selle blogi esimene empties  postitus oli 2. veebruaril 2013 ja selle ajaga olen tühjaks pigistanud pea 100 toodet! Loodan vaid, et asemele soetatud toodete arv pole sama perioodi jooksul kahekordistunud :D