Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lipstick Addict Tag

It's no news that my softest spot in makeup are lipsticks and lipgloss.
I always always wear something on my lips and sometimes get even some weird looks when I randomly grab a lipstick out and put some on without a mirror :D
So, when I saw a bunch of people on youtube making Lipstick Addict Tag videos I wanted to list my favourites, too!

I've already shown you my collection. Today I have 60 items and got rid of 4 while preparing this post :)

TAG questions:

1. Favourite balm/treatment? It has always been Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. I cannot live without it! It heals my lips within hours from every kind of trouble - cold, sun, cracks...whatever! It's magic and I will always have it with me :)
2. Best eye-catching red? I don't wear red lipstick because I just haven't found the shade that would suit my colouring (I'm more olive skinned). Hence I only have a few reddish lipsticks and my favourite is this oldie but goldie Estee Lauder Signature in shade 06 Lush Rose. It's cool-toned fuchsia red and suits me quite okay. Plus it looks almost red on my lips :D

3. Best luxury and best drugstore? I would say my most favourite luxury brand is Yves Saint Laurent. I love every formula, aswell as every shade of lipstick and lipgloss I have. I swatched (from top to bottom) Rouge Pur in 146 and 138 and Rouge Volupte in shade 26. 
I've also found that I love most of the L'Oreal lip products, too. Especially the new Color Riche L'Extraordinaire lip laquer in 201 Rose Symphony and their Caresse lipsticks which I have in shade 102 Mauve Cherie.

4. Best MAC lipstick? Since I haven't tried nor own any MAC lipsticks I'll show you my most favourite lipstick of all time. It suits me that well that absolutely every time I wear it, I get compliments. It's Maybelline ColorSensational in shade 910 Shocking Coral. Unfortunately it was limited edition and now I can wear it only on special occasions because I have only a tiny bit left :(
5. The most disappointing? I must say it's Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter. I had such high hopes for it and was extra excited when I finally got it because we don't have Revlon in Estonia, only to find it being quite an average product...

6. Lip liner - yes or no? Usually no. Only if I'm wearing red or darker colours or when I need my lipstick stay put for like 6 hours. But on a daily basis - never :D
7. Best gloss? I have three because I just couldn't choose. First - Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. They have amazing colour range, they smell and taste yummy and they truly deserve the name Perfector because they make your lips look fabulous. I swatched shade 05. 
Next one (swatch in the middle) is MaxFactor lipgloss in shade 35 Lovely Candy. It's beautiful and glossy on it's own and you can wear it under or on top of every colour because it suits everything :) And on the bottom is Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in shade 042 Bellini and I just love, love, love the formula. Perfect lipgloss :)
8. Something extra! This is just a tip for you - get a look at some really cheap brands once in a while, too. Those that you've maybe never even heard about. You might find some awesome products there just like I've discovered lovely and very affordable products from brands like Bellaoggi and BYS recently. 
And of course Sleek! I love Sleek! I believe I could solely survive only on Sleek makeup if I had to choose just one brand :)

Hope you liked the tag and if you decide to do one yourself, please leave a link in the comments. I'd love to see your favourites and discover new lip products :)

Eestikeelse teksti lisan veidi hiljem :)

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